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The estates wine offer

Version Originale
Version Original is 100% Nègrette with no added sulphites for a purer wine….
This 100% Nègrette is our signature wine. The vineyard is on the second terraces of the Tarn facing due East….
This red wine is our ‘fun’ wine. It’s full of that Nègrette taste in mouth. Black and red berry fruit…
This elegant red wine will heighten your senses with its deep red and black berry fruit nose and its spicy…
Vita Mea – Red
The ideal wine to please the red meat lover’s palate…
Les petites demoiselles – Red
This red wine will go perfectly with all your dishes and will be a delight to your guests palate….
Secret des étoiles
Can be drunk immediately or kept up to 2 years…
Vita Mea – Rosé
Vita Mea is a perfect traditional table wine to be drunk on all festive occasions….
Les petites demoiselles – Rosé
Les Petites demoiselles rosé wine is perfect with your Summer aperitifs and barbecues…
Terra Minima
This white wine with its citrus notes goes perfectly with all your meals….
Les Petites Demoiselles – White
Full of peps, this wine is perfect for your summer parties and buffets….
Capricci di Maria
An exceedingly delicate white wine for gourmet wine drinkers….
Esprit Libre
Ce vin allie la rondeur d’un rouge et l’acidité d’un blanc. Il présente des arômes complexes, de pomme et de…